Pastor Rick VanWagner Says Parents Should Play Active Role In Picking Appropriate School

pastor rick vanwagner

Not every parent experiences the struggle of getting their children excited about going to school. While some of our little ones may be more inclined to want to get an education, see their peers and get out of the house, that isn’t always the case. It’s probably a safe bet that some children would rather stay home, watch television and play outside afterward. Sometimes the solution to avoiding the above problem can be found through sheer encouragement. Other times, it takes a parent to find a quality educational institution that’s going to offer the hallmarks of an engaging education. So with that in mind, Pastor Rick VanWagner has some timely tips for parents and guardians who are trying to encourage a reluctant child to truly engage in school. What’s more, this is advice you can trust since he has been the pastor and head of Family Christian Center School in Clermont FL since its founding in 2004.


Let’s start with elementary school-age students. While Monday-through-Friday schooling may still seem like a foreign concept to them, parents who have sought out a desirable private school will be able to get a good picture of the lesson plans. For example, Clermont FL’s Family Christian Center School teachers devote time to the instruction of math, grammar, social studies and more. However, pupils will also be introduced to Bible courses, library visits, physical education programs and technology lessons. Rick VanWagner knows that asking a young one to sit at a desk all day and absorb material is going to disengage them. That’s why elementary school students here are given the chance to test their bodies, minds and spirits on a daily basis.


According to the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS), a Christian education isn’t simply a curriculum that includes lessons on Bible teachings. Rather, it is an institution that is aligned with the same values you seek to instill at home.  According to the AACS, “You value the importance of the exemplary model set by your child’s teacher. In the Christian school classroom, the teacher openly teaches the truths of Scripture because his commitment compels an open, unashamed love and service to Jesus Christ.” Since the ratio of teachers to students is often lower than what it is at your local public school, you can again feel confident knowing that the interactions your child has on a daily basis with instructors are meaningful ones. Pastor Rick VanWagner, who has been giving back to his Florida community since 1993 through the founding of Family Christian Center, says parents should devote time to visiting schools before picking the one that’s best aligned with their family’s values.